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Signature Zoom

Naturally, beautiful 8K images
with warm smooth tones

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ARRI Signature Primes

The ARRI Signature Prime range offers
a blend of modern design and timeless looks

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Orbital Clip On
Matte Box Solution

Designed for use with anamorphic lenses
with rotating fronts.
At Movietech now

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Full Frame.

Our full frame inventory includes camera
systems from ARRI, RED and Sony plus
a host of compatible lensing options

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Zeiss Supreme
Radiance Primes

Stunning new Zeiss Lens collection
exclusively available for rental
at Movietech now

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Sony FX6 Cinema Line
Full Frame Digital

Highly sensitive, large format shooting
in a lightweight, compact body

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Movietech Full Frame
Directors Viewfinder

Our exclusive Full Frame Viewfinder
meticulously crafted, balanced
and ergonomically styled

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A proud member of the Sunbelt Rentals UK Ltd group of companies.

Providers of professional image-capture solutions and quality engineered products designed for the film, tv and advertising production industries.


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Zeiss Supremes
Added focal lengths

Available for hire at Movietech

Sony FX6

FX6 Cinema Line digital camera

Orbital clip on matte box solution

Ideal for use with with vintage anamorphics where the front element rotates and telescope



Zeiss Supreme Radiance

Available for hire at Movietech

Directors Viewfinder

Movietech exclusive – Full Frame Viewfinder

Laowa 24mm f/14 Probe

Pin sharp, close-up imaging and incredible detail

Cooke panchro/I classic primes

Cooke Panchro/i Classic Primes

Superior control over flare, distortion and spherical aberration

Venice Rialto System

Movietech engineered compact cage system.

SONY Venice

Sony Venice

Full-frame, large format digital camera system


We are immensely proud to have supported friends, colleagues and crews on a huge variety of productions, including:


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