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COVID-19 Update

COVID-19. Staying safe.

At Movietech we are committed to maintaining the safety and well being of all our staff and customers at all times. We are carefully monitoring all available guidelines relating to the COVID-19 pandemic and have implemented our own working protocols to help minimise the risks associated with the virus.

A copy of our generic Risk Assessment for addressing the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in workplace scenarios under the control of the company is available here.

Given the diverse nature of our business, it remains important that each employee considers their own unique circumstances and that all available guidance is strictly adhered to in order to maintain the safety and well-being of themselves and their colleagues.

The following areas are covered under the Movietech Risk Assessment:

Please note: Specific risk assessments covering, for example, studio or location work, may well include additional advice covering different areas. We will be constantly monitoring our procedures to ensure the safety of our employees, customers and the public.

Reducing the number of persons in any work area to comply with the 2 metre (6.5 feet) gap recommended by the Public Health Agency

  • Taking steps to review work schedules including start & finish times/shift patterns, working from home etc. to reduce number of workers on site at any one time. Also relocating workers to other tasks. 
  • Redesigning processes to ensure social distancing in place. 
  • Conference calls to be used instead of face to face meetings.
  • Ensuring sufficient rest breaks for staff.
  • Social distancing also to be adhered to in canteen area and smoking area.

Additional Controls
Staff to be reminded on a daily basis of the importance of social distancing both in the workplace and outside of it.

Management checks to ensure this is adhered to.


  • Hand washing facilities with soap and water in place
  • Stringent hand washing taking place
  • Hand washing guidance:
  • Drying of hands with disposable paper towels. Properly disposing of paper towels
  • Staff encouraged to protect the skin by applying emollient cream regularly
  • Gel sanitisers in any area where washing facilities not readily available

Additional Controls
Employees to be reminded on a regular basis to wash their hands for 20 seconds with water and soap and the importance of proper drying with disposable towels. Also reminded to catch coughs and sneezes in tissues – Follow Catch it, Bin it, Kill it and to avoid touching face, eyes, nose or mouth with unclean hands. Tissues will be made available throughout the workplace.

Encourage staff to report any problems and carry out skin checks as part of a skin surveillance programme

To help reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) reminding everyone of the public health advice

Posters and other materials are available


  • All Movietech equipment is sanitised prior to despatch and upon return to our base.
  • Our rigorous  equipment returns process includes the use of disinfectant and alcohol wipes to help minimise the spread of bacteria.
  • Frequently cleaning and disinfecting all equipment and surfaces that are touched regularly particularly in areas of high use such as door handles, light switches, reception area using appropriate cleaning products and methods.

Additional Controls
Rigorous checks will be carried out by line managers to ensure that the necessary procedures are being followed.

If anyone becomes unwell with a new continuous cough or a high temperature in the workplace they will be sent home and advised to follow the stay at home guidance.

Line managers will maintain regular contact with staff members during this time.

If advised that a member of staff or public has developed Covid-19 and were recently on our premises (including where a member of staff has visited other work place premises such as domestic premises), the management team of the workplace will contact the Public Health Authority to discuss the case, identify people who have been in contact with them and will take advice on any actions or precautions that should be taken. 

Additional Controls
Internal communication channels and cascading of messages through line managers will be carried out regularly to reassure and support employees in a fast changing situation. 

Line managers will offer support to staff who are affected by Coronavirus or has a family member affected.

Guidance on the use of PPE (personal protective equipment) to protect against COVID-19 relates to ‘normal’ office settings. In all other settings individuals are required to also observe social distancing measures and practice good hand hygiene behaviours.

  • Where necessary, staff will be provided with suitable PPE.
  • Where PPE is to be used, this is on an individual issue and items should not be shared.
  • Reusable PPE should be thoroughly cleaned after use and not shared between workers. These should be stored in suitable places.
  • Single use PPE should be disposed of so that it cannot be reused and to control potential contamination is controlled (waste removed by a responsible, approved contractor).
  • Where Risk Assessment identifies wearing of gloves as a requirement of the job, an adequate supply of these will be provided. Staff will be instructed on how to remove gloves carefully to reduce contamination and how to dispose of them safely.

Additional Controls
Staff to be reminded that wearing of gloves is not a substitute for good hand washing.

Procedures in place for Drivers to ensure adequate welfare facilities available during their work.


  • Persons should not share vehicles or cabs, where suitable distancing cannot be achieved
  • Deliveries are made by Movietech drivers
  • All Movietech vehicles are equipped with alcohol based hand sanaitiser and wipes
  • All deliveries/collections are contactless

Additional Controls
Communicate with companies we deliver to/from to ensure welfare facilities will be available to our drivers. Allowing delivery drivers adequate breaks to avail of proper welfare facilities.

The Movietech Management promote mental health and wellbeing awareness to staff at all times, including during the Coronavirus outbreak and will offer whatever support they can to help  

Reference –

Additional Controls
Regular communication of mental health information and open door policy for those who need additional support.

We are confident in the steps we have taken and the practices we have put in place to help ensure the safety of our people, premises and rental equipment. 

We love our film community and we want everyone to continue to remain healthy, safe and productive. We will continue to monitor the situation, to follow all available guidance and adapt to changes.

We thank you for your continued support. Look out for each other.


Please contact with any questions

Additional guidance:

UK Government
ASPEC Phase 1 – 10 point Plan