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ARRI Arriflex 435 ES

ARRI Arriflex 435 ES

A staple feature in camera packages on productions of all shape and size, the Arriflex 435 ES combines sturdy construction with super steady movement, high speed, forward and reverse run/

The Arriflex 435 ES  is an ideal partner for almost any type of shoot.

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  •  Arriflex 435ES Camera Body
  •  Arriflex 435 Colour Video Assist IVS-2
  •  3 x 400′ Magazines
  •  Arriflex Viewfinder System
  •  Arriflex Extension Viewfinder FE-3
  •  Arriflex Eyepiece Leveler
  •  Arri Frameglow Module
  •  Remote Control Unit RCU-1 with Long and Short Cables
  •  Heated Eyepiece
  •  Arriflex Work Light
  •  Arri BP-8 Bridge Plate
  •  24V Battery Compliment
  •  Forward & Reverse speed 1-150fps
  •  In Shot Variable Shutter 11.2-180 degrees
  •  Speed Ramps, Depth of Field Ramps and Timing Shift Ramps
  •  MOS Camera