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Cine Fade


Cine Fade is a great camera accessory that allows cinematographers to gradually transition between a deep and a shallow depth of field in a single shot at constant exposure.
Perfect for use in accentuating a moment of extreme drama or making subject matter stand out.
The VariND consists of a Motorised Polariser and a Static Polariser. When inserted into a matte box together, they form a variable ND filter that works as a standalone VariND or as a remotely controlled, dynamically adjustable variable ND filter.
The motorised variable ND filter can also be used in VariND mode to achieve interior to exterior transition shots, without ‘riding the iris’. The system can also control reflections on automotive shoots with the remotely controlled RotaPola.
Motorised Polariser can be inserted into a matte box for use as a remote controllable rotating polariser that requires minimal mounting whilst allowing maximum control, with or without a cPRO lens control system.
The in-camera effect is remotely controlled with a cmotion cPRO lens control system via the hand unit.
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