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C Motion C Pro Remote Focus Kit

C Motion C Pro Remote Focus Kit

The C Pro hand unit is the wireless hand-held control unit of the C Pro lens control system. Setting new standards in ergonomics and design, the C Pro hand unit is comfortable to use, robust and well balanced. The intuitive touch display menu, thumb wheel and user assignable buttons provide quick access to some of C Pro ‘s unique functions and features. The C Pro Hand Unit also provides a versatile interface for power supply and run/stop and camera control for cameras including Sony Venice, Arri Alexa and  Red.

Several mounting points have also been included to offer well balanced solutions for monitors etc.

The C Pro motor is a brand new super fast RF motor based on the popular and compact Cforce mini. Incorporating the wireless module into the motor eliminates the need for a big bulky motor box which helps reduce both weight and cost. Through the LBUS connector, 2  C force motors can be connected in daisy-chain for a full 3 axis system.

  •  C Pro Hand Unit
  •  C Pro One Unit
  •  C Motion RF Motor
  •  2 x C Force Mini Motors
  •  C Pro Camin
  •  Pre-Marked Focus and Iris Rings
  •  Arri, Red and Sony Camera Cables

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