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Rain Deflectors

Rain Deflectors

Rain deflectors offer a quick, simple and convenient way to prevent rain interrupting a shot through the use of a conventional matte box.

We have a selection of rain deflectors available for use with our matte box inventory.

Our product range is constantly evolving so if you don’t see what you need or have a specific matte box, lens or custom equipment request, please contact a member of the Movietech team.

Schulz Sprayoff Deflector
  •  Lightweight / Handheld Rain Deflector
  •  Fits into Arri LMB 5 / LMB 15 Matte Box
Schulz Sprayoff – Giga
  •  Rain / Mud Deflector Designed for Difficult Assignments
  •  Fits onto Arri MB-14 Matte Box
  •  MB-14 Filter Sections Can Be Mounted On Rear
Schulz Sprayoff – 6.6 Mini
  •  Classic Rain Deflector for Rain and Snow
  •  Replaces Front Tray On Arri MB-14 / MB-28 / LMB-4 Matte Box
Schulz Sprayoff – Milli
  •  Replace Front Tray on MB18  Matte Boxes

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Rain Deflectors
FCL Zero Rain Deflector

The power management electronics supply a constant current to the motors. This means that the speed stays constant as the voltage drops or during fluctuations due to line loss or battery losing charge. It also means no more centre dot due to the glass slowing down.

  • Rotation speed: 5200 rpm
  • Light Weight, only 2.7 kg.
  • Mounts to 19mm, 15 mm rods
  • 22-34 VDC
  • 3 Amps Running
  • 10 Amps Start up
  • Zero Rain Deflector
  • Spare Disc
  • 2 x PV Filter Trays
  • 2 x 6.6” Filter Trays
  • 24V Power Cable
  • 2 x Hawkwoods 24V XB-2 X Boxx Batteries
  • Hawkwoods XB-2 Battery Charger

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The Ultimate Rain Deflector

  • 4500 RPM
  • No Center Dot
  • Holds 2x PV or 6×6″ Filters
  • PV, 19mm or 15mm Mount
  • Can Be Used with Wide Angle Lenses
FGV 4″
  • Mounts onto Arri 19mm Bars
FGV 6.6″
  • Mounts onto Arri 19mm Bars