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Ovide Smart Assist

Ovide Smart Assist

Record, playback and do the FX with 4 HD/2K cameras one 4K camera.

Enjoy the superb quality of a 22” 4K DCI P3 display that is a touchscreen, sharp, super bright (500 nits), true color… If you prefer using the keyboard and mouse, you can still do it

System has a built in video router, you can choose what you want to see in each of the outputs: live feed from the input, playback, processed output, multiviewer… All controlled from the familiar QTAKE interface.

 Stream live video or independent playback to up to 16 iDevices (iPad and iPhone), each one with independent playback, permissions and watermarks.

Contact us to find out more about compatible camera, lens and accessory options.

  • Ovide Evo Smart Assist
  • SunShade
  • Assistants lamp
  • Keyboard and Mouse
  • Battery Compliment

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