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CMotion Compact One

CMotion Compact One

  •  Compact One Camin Motor Controller
  •  Compact One Hand Unit
  •  1 x CLM-4 Motor
  •  2 x Motor Cables
  •  RS Camera Run Cable
  •  Red Epic Camera Run Cable
  •  Sony F55 Camera Run Cable
  •  RS Power Cable
  •  D-Tap Power Cable
  •  6 x Focus Marking Rings
  •  1x 15mm Mounting Bracket Reduction Rings
  •  4 x Batteries
  •  Battery Charger
  •  Create and Save Custom/New Lens Calibrations
  •  2.3″ LCD Screen
  •  Small LED Light on Hand Unit to Illuminate Marking Ring
  •  Motor Torque Adjustment
  •  Direction Control

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