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Egripment Matador Doorway Dolly

Egripment Matador Doorway Dolly

Steerable from both ends, the Egripment Matador is a versatile yet simple to use, lightweight dolly.

The carpeted platform can be widened as needed using the sideboards supplied. The dolly can be used with track, pneumatic or solid rubber wheels to match your shooting requirement.

  •  Non-Slip Platform
  •  Steering Bar
  •  Optional Seat Turret Assembly
  •  Optional Side Boards
  •  Chassis maximum height 11.8″
  •  Chassis maximum length 3′ 11″
  •  Chassis maximum width 2′ 5″
  •  Carrying weight 551 lbs
  •  Operational weight without payload 82 lbs
  •  Wheels: Hardrubber, Track or Pneumatic
  •  Can Be Steered from Both Ends
  •  Extendable Rear Axels

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Egripment Matador Doorway Dolly
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