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Ronford Fluid 7 MKIV

Ronford Fluid 7 MklV

Designed for use with film or video/EFP cameras, the Ronford Baker Fluid 7 has two sealed fluid units allowing control to be easily varied through seven stages, from a cushioned free movement to the heaviest control.

Versatile and simple to use, the Fluid 7 features continuous pan and tilt through 360º (depending on the length of the lens/camera) plus a height adjustable platform to suit the centre of gravity of the camera system being used, .

For specific grip, camera package or custom equipment requests, please contact a member of the Movietech team.

  •  7 Step Fluid Control Capacity Range
  •  All Fluid Units are Capable of 360° Rotation
  •  Mitchell or 150mm Base
  •  Variety of Quick Change Spacing Blocks and Riser Plates
  •  Adjustable Platform Height

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