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Scorpio 17′


Lightweight, three section, telescopic crane is built to handle 60Kg (underslung)/40Kg (overslung).

The 17′ model is packed with all the characteristics of all Scorpio telescopic cranes – exceptional smoothness and high precision performance in both low and high-speed movements.


Maximum length: 5.3 m/17’5’’
Minimum length: 1.04 m/3’05’’
Back length of the arm: 1.70 m/5’7’’
Telescopic range: 4.05 m/13’3’’
Loading capacity in under-slung: 60 Kg/132 lbs
Loading capacity in over-slung: 40 Kg/88 lbs
Required Power: DC 30 V / 40 A
Output Power for the monitor: 12 V / 3 A
Arm weight: 121 Kg
Crane weight(without payload nor CW): 280 Kg
Arm speed: 1.5 m/s

The Scorpio 17′ features two operation modes:

  • Electronic: a standard mode that allows telescopic electronic movement, powering the crane via batteries or power unit.
  • Manual: a new mode that allows the user  to create movements, where the operator is able to manually move the telescopic arm.

The screen of the electronic control box is removable. Operation without the screen allows access to basic functions, and to carry out ‘standard’ manoeuvres such as creating electronic limits or activating automatic arc compensation.

Connecting the screen gives access the advanced menus, such as:

  • Screen display of the arm range, vertical and horizontal angles, height to the optic axis in meters and feet, the speed and the damping.
  • Movement Generator of the telescopic arm in relation to the horizontal or vertical movement.
  • Capability of memorizing the telescopic movement of the arm.
  • The Stop Sequence will program different range modes for the telescopic arm.

Accessories available :-

30V Battery Kit
Waterproof Cover
Set Pneumatic Wheels

Please contact a member of the Movietech team for additional details on the Scorpio 17′ Crane

Scorpio 17′ Balance & Set up