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Cooke Mini S4/i Uncoated

Cooke Mini S4/i Uncoated

Our UNCOATED S4/i feature an uncoated front element for softer contrast and flaring characteristics.

The Cooke Mini S4/i brings you the functionality and performance of the S4/I in a compact lightweight package.

One stop slower than the S4/i, the Mini’s are both smaller and lighter.

For specific lens, camera or custom equipment requests, please contact a member of the Movietech team.

  •    18mm   T2.8   cf 10″
  •    25mm   T2.8   cf 10″
  •    32mm   T2.8   cf 12″
  •    50mm   T2.8   cf 20″
  •    75mm   T2.8   cf 2’6″
  •  100mm   T2.8   cf 3′
  •  UNCOATED front element for softer contrast and flaring characteristic
  •  PL Mount
  •  18mm has 110mm Front Diameter, the rest 87mm
  •  Maximum Format Covered: Super 35mm
  •  Smaller, lighter lenses which offer the same resolution, optical quality
    and reliability as the S4/i
  •  Theses lenses are equally suitable for shooting film and digital images up to
    and beyond a 4K resolution pipeline
  •  /i Electronics sync with /i compatible Cameras and Accessories
  •  Cam-style focus mechanism allows for smooth focus adjustments

Uncoated/coated comparison

Cooke Mini S4 Uncoated vs Coated 2 h264 by Jeremy Benning