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TLS Re-Housed B&L Super Balter

TLS Re-Housed B&L Super Balter

Created during the era of classic Hollywood cinema, these lenses were used to shoot film classics including The Godfather and The Birds.

Expertly re-housed by TLS for modern use, these legendary optics are now fully compatible with the latest PL mount 2K and 4K digital camera systems.

For specific lens, camera or custom equipment requests, please contact a member of the Movietech team.

  •    20mm   T2.3   cf 18″
  •    25mm   T2.3   cf 10″
  •    35mm   T2.3   cf 18″
  •    50mm   T2.3   cf 18″
  •    75mm   T2.3   cf 22″
  •  100mm   T2.3   cf 4′
  • New stainless steel PL mount

  • High-grade aluminium alloy and stainless steel housing

  • New cam form focus drive

  • High calibre focus and iris rings

  • Engraved dual focus scales

  • Standard 110mm front ring