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Uncoated Master Primes

Zeiss Uncoated Master Primes

Developed as a collaboration between ARRI and ZEISS these unique high speed prime lenses deliver unprecedented resolution.

Fast, smooth and with an optical performance surpassing that of standard speed primes, our Zeiss Master Primes offer excellent optical performance across the whole T-stop range from T1.3 to T22,

For specific lens, camera or custom equipment requests, please contact a member of the Movietech team.

  •    18mm    T1.3   cf 14″
  •    25mm    T1.3   cf 14″
  •    35mm    T1.3   cf 14″
  •    50mm    T1.3   cf 20″
  •    75mm    T1.3   cf 2’9″
  •  PL Mount
  •  Uncoated
  •  All lenses have 114mm Front Diameters
  •  Slightly Softer with Increased Flare
  •  No Geometric Distortion
  •  Virtually No Breathing