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ARRI Signature Zooms

ARRI Signature Zooms

Alongside the ARRI Signature Prime range, the Signature Zoom delivers natural, beautiful images.

Designed for use with any large format or Super-35 camera, the ARRI Signature Zoom system is uniformly fast at T2.8 with an unrivalled focus length.

For specific lens, camera or custom equipment requests, please contact a member of the Movietech team.


  • 45-135mm  T2.8  cf 3’4″     Front Diameter: 114mm
  • 65-300mm T2.8 cf 6′          Front Diameter: 156mm


  • Signature Range Extender for 65-300mm Zoom & 280mm Prime ( X 1.7)
  • Turns 65-300mm into 110-510mm T4.9
  • Turns 280mm into 480mm T4.9
  • Designed for any format, any camera, up to full frame
  • Warm smooth skin tones
  • Soft delicate flares
  • Exceptionally soft bokeh for increased sense of separation
  • No ramping – consistent exposure through all focal lengths
  • Fast T stop of 2.8
  • LPL lens mount

Interview with Chinese cinematographer and director Da Mi

In this short interview, Da Mi talks about his first-hand experience with ARRI Signature Zooms 45-135/T2.8 and 65-300/T2.8, which he used for shooting the short film “Be My Sisters.” By detailing various scenes and creative choices, he explains how the lenses performed in different situations