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Movietech continue to expand their selection of lens options with the addition of the innovative Laowa 24mm f/14 Probe wide angle prime, by Venus Optics.

Laowa 24mm f/14 Probe Lens

With it’s 2:1 magnification, 1.5ft minimum focusing distance and a 0.8inch minimum working distance, this new macro lens expertly combines pin sharp, close-up imaging and incredible detail.

Fully compatible with a host of Movietech camera systems, including full frame and large format options, this unique lens is ideal for both moving image and stills work.

The Laowa’s wide angle design allows for a far greater depth of field than conventional telephoto macro optics, the extended, tubular barrel producing a distinct bug-eye perspective. The lens performs particularly well when working in close proximity to a subject, allowing improved framing options by allowing background detail to remain in view.

Features include an f/14 to f/40 aperture range, EF-Mount and 35mm full frame and Super35 image sensor capabilities. Compact and versatile, the Laowa Probe is sturdy, waterproof and includes a handy LED ringlight at its tip for additional, close range illumination.

Commenting on the new lens, John Buckley says “We are constantly updating our inventory to include new, exciting and unusual products. This new Venus Optics macro has been described as ‘quirky’ however it really does perform incredibly well for close-up macro work and has gained a fair amount of interest from a number of our cinematographer colleagues.”