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Zeiss Supreme Primes – added focal lengths


40mm and 18mm added to the Movietech Supreme selection

We have added two focal lengths to our collection of Zeiss Supreme, high-speed, full-frame prime lenses – the 18 mm T1.5, 40 mm T1.5, and 200 mm T2.2

Lighter and more compact than comparable lenses, the Zeiss Supremes are built for use with 6K and 8K sensors, adding richer texture and greater depth to deliver truly cinematic results.

The lenses are highly detailed, providing a combination of clarity and creative freedom that allows users to capture a huge variety of looks when shooting in almost any condition.

With their Cooke/i* technology XD, the Zeiss Supremes are able to communicate specific imaging information, such as lens distortion and shading characteristics, in real time. The capability of embedding this level of detail within the video files, whilst simultaneously capturing stunning images, has proven to be invaluable to the VFX teams tasked with creating the incredible effects on His Dark Materials.

Movietech Technical Manager, Andy Mossman says, “The Zeiss Supremes ‘intelligent lens system’ has been created to not only enhance the accuracy of the image but also to dramatically improve the overall workflow. The meta data carried within the Supremes and their ability to directly transfer both imagery and information, is a huge asset which can mean significant time savings during the VFX process”.

The 40mm and 18mm models are available now as part of our range of large format image capture solutions.

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