Rain Deflectors

Schulz SprayOff Deflector

  •  Lightweight / Handheld Rain Deflector
  •  Fits into Arri LMB 5 / LMB 15 Matte Box


Schulz Sprayoff "Giga"

  •  Rain / Mud Deflector Designed for Difficult Assignments
  •  Fits onto Arri MB-14 Matte Box
  •  MB-14 Filter Sections Can Be Mounted On Rear


Schulz Sprayoff 6.6" "Mini"

  •  Classic Rain Deflector for Rain and Snow
  •  Replaces Front Tray On Arri MB-14 / MB-28 / LMB-4 Matte Box


Schulz Sprayoff "Milli"

  •  Replace Front Tray on PV or 5x5" Matte Boxes



  •  The Ultimate Rain Deflector
  •  4500 RPM
  •  No Center Dot
  •  Holds 2x PV or 6x6" Filters
  •  PV, 19mm or 15mm Mount
  •  Can Be Used with Wide Angle Lenses


Jurgens 138mm

  •  Mounts onto Arri 19mm Bars


FGV 4"

  •  Mounts onto Arri 19mm Bars


FGV 6.6"

  •  Mounts onto Arri 19mm Bars


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